Bridge the gapbetween home
and daycare

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Our mission is to improve the beginning of every child’s story. We help educators facilitate quality learning experiences at school and support parents in fostering them at home.

Plan your day in seconds

Choose from any of Kinedu’s 1,800+ activities or upload your own! Use Kinedu’s automated lesson planning tools to.generate lesson plans matched to your students’ developmental stages.

Real-Time Virtual Instruction

Offer guided instruction to families using your preferred video conferencing software and help parents engage in playful learning experiences from home.

Meaningful Family Engagement

When parents are involved, everyone wins. Bridge the gap between school and home with take-home activity ideas, direct messaging, and classroom updates.

Use cases

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Everyone Benefits


Unlock virtual and in-person learning tools that meet your students, teachers, and families’ needs wherever they are.


Save time lesson planning and monitor student progress with developmental assessments created in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University.


Support your child’s development after school while following your child’s progress in school.

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Create a classroom and share with parents a classroom ID


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